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Alchem Inc.
3617 Strawberry Road
Anchorage, Alaska 99502-7111

Phone: 907-243-2177

Fax: 907-677-9144



Welcome To ALCHEM Inc.

Alchem Inc. is a manufacturer of urethane core stressed skin panels in Alaska since 1970.

The panels are custom designed to the projected structural loads as foundation, floor, wall, and roof panels for specific buildings such as commercial, residential, cold storage, and skid mounted telecom modules.  Other skid mounted modules include a medical clinic.

The majority of panels have plywood or OSB faces with embedded studs for the required structural stability with the injected urethane foam core. Panels are available with aluminum faces to meet remote helicopter lift requirements.

Our urethane foam core panel  buildings can significantly reduce the impact of heating costs in rural Alaska where fuel costs are very high.

Alchem panels have excellent thermal values.  Tests indicate an approximate R value of 5.5 per inch.  A 3 ½” core would have an R value of 19.25, a 5 ½” core would be 30.25, and a 7” core would be 41.25.

The urethane foam insulation core is fire rated Class 1, with smoke density  300 and flame spread 25.

Building code requirements can be addressed and supported by the detailed tests reports Alchem Inc. has on file in accordance with Code requirements.  Examples are structural loads, 1 hour fire tests, Alaska earthquake seismic values, etc.

Please contact Alchem  Inc. for more information and price quotes.

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